A wood cover book. A three-in-one.
Memoir. Life Coaching. Tree stories.

Anthea bares all with 50 shorts, then invites you to reflect before she introduces a tree that helps enliven her story. Walk with her as you unearth your own journey of love and life. 

"50 Shades of Love is a contemplative comforting companion. It’s almost like I have Anthea journeying with me together as a coach in the wilderness that is life, towards healing and wholesomeness." 

"This is not a book to be read, but to be experienced. As our identities change with the passage of time, I believe coming back to ponder and journal about these questions that Anthea has raised will help cultivate our moral compass in how we approach life and guide us to our truer selves. This book will age well." 


The Author


Mad Hatter

Anthea Indira ONG Lay Theng* likes to wear hats - many of them at a go, in fact. She is a mover and shaker in the local volunteerism scene, having spearheaded several ground-up movements in service of humanity. Most notable is Hush TeaBar, Singapore's first silent teabar that employs the Deaf and persons-in-recovery from and those with mental health conditions, empowering them to reintegrate into society. She is passionate about educating others in social inclusion at the workplace and community, mental health and volunteerism - topics which she will be bringing to the table in her capacity as Nominated Member of Parliament. It will be a tall hat she wears in this public service role. When she's not a corporate mad hatter as managing director of an international strategy consulting group for banks and financial institutions or as a life coach, Anthea can be found hugging trees, meditating in a kaftan off the cliff of some place exotic where her globe-trotting legs will take her or practising yoga with the Antarctica penguins if they would let her. 50 Shades of Love is her first published book to celebrate her 50 years of life-loving.

*She shares her relationship with the many names she wears in the book too. 

Love the Refugees.

All net proceeds of the book shall go towards supporting psychosocial support programmes for children and women refugees around the world, starting with the Rohingyas for the first print run. Let's give them shade and love.