How Can We Care More?

I truly appreciate the privilege to become who I can be in this lifetime, and with that, the ability to do what I can from where I am with what I have for others. I have been deeply moved by the suffering and strength of refugees around the world, especially the children and women. One of our projects, Playground of Joy, is currently exploring opportunities with local NGO BRAC in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh to bring our psyschosocial support programmes for children (and women) for the Rohingyas refugee community. 

The net proceeds (after printing and services costs) from this book will go towards supporting such refugee programmes, including for Syrian and Afghanistan refugees. 

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We will have the latest on how proceeds are distributed and used on the 50 Shades of Love Facebook page. For updates on the psychosocial support programmes with the refugees, please go to Playground of Joy Facebook page. 

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